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Want to rival the very best Hot Rod out there?

The team are capable of building the ultimate Hot Rod for you. Whatever your desired result, we’ll take on both modern and vintage projects with capability to supply and fit historically correct and ‘Hop-Up’ parts alike. 

We can revive your Hot Rod or build something new from the ground up. With our in-house chassis jig, we can build on an original platform as well as increasing strength and rigidity with boxing plates and cross-member design.

Moving away from tradition? We can also offer a modern IFS with rack and pinion steering. For the rear, how about ladder bar/four link and coil-over rear suspension. Other things to consider and on offer include drive train upgrades to withstand your WBR Race Engines power upgrades. Check out our online Speed Shop for performance options.

Our service doesn’t end there, as a Speed Shop customer you can be confident that your servicing and up-keep will be professionally looked after for years to come should you desire. Whether its general maintenance or a change in aesthetics, we are here!

Call us.